City Tour - HALF DAY

A tour rich in South African history and spectacular sites.
It is the most historically intense district in the country and the oldest urban area in South Africa, and while the prime attractions lie elsewhere, the city centre does have some interesting museums, and it’s streets still pulse with the cultural fusion that has been Cape Town’s hallmark since it’s founding in 1652.

  08h00 - Early Morning Pick Up.
  08h30 - First stop will be Table Mountain (weather permitting)
    A compelling feature in the middle of the city.
The icon that for hundreds of years and for hundreds of kilometres announced Cape Town to seafarers.
The mountain is a wilderness where you will find wildlife and 1400 species of flora.
Indigenous mammals include, dassies, baboons and porcupines.
  10h30 - Next stop is the Castle of Good hope
    South Africa’s oldest building, finished in 1679, complete with the essentials of moat and torture Chamber was built in accordance with European principles of fortification. 
  11h45 - District Six - few places speak more of the effect of apartheid on ordinary
    people than the Compelling District Six Museum.
    It houses a series of fascinating displays that include everyday household items, tools of trade as well as documentary photographs which evoke the lives of individuals who once lived there.
  13h00 - The tour wraps up with scenic drive past the Parliament Buildings, City
    Hall and Slave lodge.
    The Houses of Parliament are a complex of interlinking buildings, many of them relics of the 1980’s reformist phase of apartheid when, in the interests of racial segregation, there werethree distinct legislative complexes sited here to cater to different ‘races’.

Nelson Mandela made his first speech after being released from prison from the balcony of the City Hall.
A slightly fussy Edwardian building dressed in Bath stone, City Hall manages , despite it’s drab
surroundings, to look impressive against Table Mountain.

For nearly two centuries, more than half the city’s existence, as an urban settlement, - Cape Town’s economic and social structures were founded on slavery and the slave lodge was built in 1679for the
Dutch East India Company.
  14h30 - Return to collection point.




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